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When couples come to me and we begin to talk about their wedding, one of the most frequent comments I hear is that they want a ceremony to be engaging and meaningful.

They have been to weddings where they were lulled into a coma-like-state by a monotone voice and a lifeless script; and they don’t want that same experience at their wedding.

jacob marrying a couple with a crowd looking on a black and white photo of Jacob officiating jacob retrieving rings from the mother. Jacob helping pin a flower on the suit of the groom

Here is a day that they’ve been anticipating and hoping for. It’s a day where they put their love on display and will participate in a ceremony that units their lives. It’s a moment of vulnerability and trust. It’s a moment deep passion and celebration.

Is it too much to ask for a ceremony to mirror that excitement and to fill the venue with the warmth of those emotions? Is it too much to ask for a meaningful and engaging ceremony?

couple holding hands with Jacob in background

There is some tension in that question, right?

Weddings aren't known to be engaging.

And where the wedding ceremony inherently carries meaning, a lot of that significance is lost because of the officiant’s delivery or script.

Putting together and officiating a ceremony that is both meaningful and engaging is a challenge, but that’s just part of what makes the task so much fun.

Jacob saying something funny and the bride and groom laugh

I find so much pleasure in getting to know couples and adding value to their wedding experience. I spend a lot of time contemplating ways to enhance our process so that you can walk away filled with joy and satisfaction.

Reviews are a super helpful way to measure my success in this goal, which is why this Yelp review from a 2018 bride let’s me know that I’m on the right track:

Jacob walking on the sand looking at his magic book

“Best decision my husband and I made for our wedding! Jacob is amazing! Our guests loved our ceremony. When do you ever hear guests say this?! Usually they want a short ceremony and then onwards to cocktail hour - BUT that was not the case here because of Jacob! He made our ceremony so special and personalized to us.

Jacob met with us prior to the wedding to discuss what we wanted out of the ceremony. During this meeting, I did not feel rushed in any way. He genuinely wanted to get to know us and at the end of this meeting we felt like we were laughing with a good friend. Most importantly, we felt that we were in good hands to trust our ceremony with this individual.

Overall, Jacob was professional, personable and warm throughout the entire process of planning, rehearsal and on our wedding day. You can tell he loves what he does and we feel blessed to have had him part of our special day.

On our wedding day, Jacob set the tone of the ceremony and officiated beautifully. His body language, his articulation, his emotions were harmonious. Not to mention he came to the wedding in a crisp suit, a nicely done tie and a warm genuine smile.

Our guests loved Jacob as much as my husband and I. If you are looking for an officiant, go with Jacob!!”

My goal is that by the time your wedding is over, these words will feel familiar and true.


    Send me an e-mail or give me a call to see if I'm available for your date. I'll answer any of your questions and then we'll set up a time to meet


    We’ll meet at a great coffee shop in Los Feliz to further discuss your wedding. I’ll talk about the different parts of a wedding ceremony and then ask you a few questions, questions about how you met, questions about important moments in your relationship, questions about what you do for fun, questions about why you love each other. It’ll be fun :)


    I’ll put together a ceremony and then send it to you, along with a plethora of different wording options for each section of the ceremony (vows, rings, pronouncement, etc…). You can then add/edit/delete the ceremony however you like, or you can have me rewrite some sections. When you’re done, I’ll make sure it flows and then offer suggestions if needed.

    If you like what you read, and if you feel comfortable with me, then I would be thrilled to marry you :)

    I don’t need any deposits, but I do use a simple contract (sign online or download pdf)

    I usually do not attend the rehearsal, because the coordinator runs the entire rehearsal and goes over all the details. I pretty much stand there and talk, so there’s not much to practice. If you prefer for me to be there then just let me know. I do charge a fee.

    You can either pick up a marriage license at the county clerk’s office or I can issue you one for an additional fee of $160.

    I’ll show up about an hour before your wedding begins. The wedding will be beautiful and the ceremony will resonate with you and your guest because you had a hand in crafting it.

    I’ll sign the marriage license and then stay for a little while celebrating your marriage with your family and friends. I will return the license to the county clerk.

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