This section of my website is here to help you work on your Wedding Ceremony, which I put together as a place for you to start from.  The wedding ceremony is at the end of the link that I e-mailed you.   You can either use this site to edit the ceremony I put together for you or you can start from scratch.  If I have not e-mailed you the link yet then please contact me and I’ll get that to you.

To the left you will find the menu, which lists many of the Wedding Ceremony components.  Clicking on each section will take you to the different wording options for that section.   For example, if you click on “Vows” you will be taken to a page full of different Vows.  You can either find the vows that best fit your relationship or you can pull together different vows to make one even more personal.  You can do this with all of the different wedding ceremony components.

To the right you will find a box that offers you the purpose behind each wedding ceremony component, and the place where the component usually goes in a ceremony.  Occasionally, you will find some additional helpful information

The components on the left are not exhaustive.  There are many different wedding traditions that are not included, so if there is a specific one you’re hoping for then let me know and I’ll put together some options.

Jacob Jurado

This is where I will describe the purpose of each Wedding Ceremony Component

This is where I tell you where the Component is placed in the wedding ceremony.

Occasionally, I will have additional, helpful, information here.