Jacob Marries


Before I created my website in 2008, I took some time to contemplate the reasons behind my desire to officiate. I was at a place where I had the freedom and time to do what I found fulfilling, so the last thing I wanted was to sour my love for officiating.

The first weddings I officiated (2003) were for friends, neighbors, and friends of friends. From the start, officiating was relational. I was helping friends, celebrating with them, laughing with them, and just enjoying the moment. Officiating was about being a piece of something greater and doing whatever I could to make the moment special for those close to me.

I knew how easy it would be (If I started performing a lot of Weddings) to lose sight of everything I enjoyed about officiating.

I didn't want that to happen.

And I hope, from our encounters, you will feel that it hasn't :)

The Process

  • We Connect

    Send me an e-mail or give me a call to see if I'm availble for your date. I'll answer any of your questions and then we'll set up a time to meet

  • The Coffee Shop

    We’ll meet at a great coffee shop in Los Feliz to further discuss your wedding. We’ll go over the different parts of a wedding ceremony so that I can get a feel for what you’re expecting.

  • The Ceremony

    I’ll put together a ceremony and then send it to you, along with a plethora of different wording options for each section of the ceremony (vows, rings, pronouncement, etc…). You can then add/edit/delete the ceremony however you like, or you can have me rewrite some sections. When you’re done, I’ll make sure it flows and then offer suggestions if needed.

  • The Hire

    If you like what you read, and if you feel comfortable with me, then I would be thrilled to marry you :)

    I don’t need any deposits, but I do use a simple contract (sign online or download pdf)

  • The Rehearsal

    I’ll attend your Mon-Thur rehearsal and we’ll walk through the ceremony. You can either pay my fee then or on your wedding day. Usually, I do not attend the rehearsal dinner.

  • Marriage License

    You can either pick up a marriage license at the county clerk’s office or I can issue you one for an additional fee of $160

  • The Wedding

    I’ll show up about an hour before your wedding begins. The wedding will be beautiful and the ceremony will resonate with you and your guest because you had a hand in crafting it.

  • Post

    I’ll sign the marriage license and then stay for a little while celebrating your marriage with your family and friends. I will return the license to the county clerk.